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To quote a citizen

Below is a quote from a citizen of Camden County and her views of the current Presiding Commissioner.

"Trust in our elected county commissioners is important to Camden County citizens. We try our best to pay attention to public affairs of government, and let those we elect know our expectations. Camden County citizens need only attend a couple of County Commissioner meetings to see that our trust in that body is not respected. The disheveled nature of almost every meeting is the result of noticeable breakdowns of process and communication.

The meetings show lack of work in the day-to-day business of communicating across the county team by the Presiding Commissioner, with no organization of “old business” and “new business” at the meetings. Issues captured in 5 words or less on the agenda are presented and voted on in a rush, with lack of clarification. The Presiding Commissioner does not entertain a concept that new business comes up at the meeting, a plan for processing the issue is agreed upon…including if discussion will happen immediately, at the next meeting, or any next steps outside of a meeting. It appears that it’s a speed contest to bring up issues and adjudicate them immediately in the moment…regardless of availability of details, and an understanding of possible “side-effects”.

The citizens have a right to expect that these well paid commissioners spend all day every day working with the county team and the citizens. As a result of this work, there should not be surprises at the meetings except those presented by citizen input. For example, declaration of intent to complete a $250,000 budget adjustment to give immediate raises to the deputies caught other commissioners and the county auditor completely off guard. It was not clear on the agenda, and had not been properly vetted with the auditor. Not to mention it came on the heels of a sales tax hike passed by citizens under the impression that the existing county budget was insufficient to provide for deputy raises.

Anyone watching these meetings can see that Commissioner Gohagen is treated like the new kid in junior high, with obvious bullying and disrespect ranging from a clerk who refuses to answer the phone at his request, to a physical confrontation by maintenance workers observed and condoned by Commissioners Hasty and Williams. The now infamous quote from Don Williams on the audio recording from January 6 is very telling…”You brought this on yourself”…straight out of a bad mafia movie…really?

Camden County citizens want and deserve protection from State and Federal government over reach. Commissioners should be on the front lines, pushing back on government and business vaccine mandates that violate our rights as Americans. The two most important things accomplished in the Commission in recent history were the Second Amendment Preservation Act and passing Constitutional Camden County. Clearly, Commissioner Gohagen thinks about protecting Camden County citizens from governmental over reach. We appreciate that, and look forward to electing a new Presiding Commissioner that has the same priority. Imagine what could be accomplished in the way of security and support for freedom if we had additional commissioners focused on protecting our freedom and establishing county policies and processes with transparency as the focus.

I invite you to go on-line and look at the county budget. Watch the Commission Meeting videos posted on Facebook, or better yet attend a few meetings. This Presiding Commissioner shows his ineptness at almost every public meeting. He is known for his pettiness and arrogance based on persecuting a fellow commissioner, and actions against a citizen activist. It’s time for a professional who represents and respects the people of Camden County. I trust Ike Skelton. His commitment to liberty and government of, by and for the people is well known in Camden County. He is the voice of transparency in county government we trust."

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