Why fiscal responsibility matters.

I believe the hardworking taxpayers of this community and our visitors deserve a Presiding Commissioner that earns his or her paycheck. The Presiding Commissioner must have flexible scheduling, good time management and a public presence to accommodate the needs of the people. When the elected official who you entrust to manage your hard earned dollars fails to work as diligently as you do, that's a big problem. We can do better, Commissioners need to be available and responsive to the citizens they serve. Commissioners need to respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Think of the citizen as the boss, would you be able to ignore your boss in the private sector? Of course not, you would face disciplinary measures if you did. Why would you accept this from your elected government employees?

I will insist all projects including bid items are placed on the County Website for the Citizens to follow along. I will insist that each project have at a minimum an approximate cost and projected completion date. I will expect the projects to be updated regularly on the County Website by a designee of the Commission or the Website Manager. I will ensure the County Commission does it's work in front of the citizens during regular business meetings. These backroom deals, and private agreements which are not supported by a public vote will come to an end. Period!

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